Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Ok, the forgive me-post was just pathetic. I haven't even tried in the last 3 weeks to post anything sensible to this blog, and not before that either actually. My life was so much more interesting in Ghana, every little observation became a blog post. Now, being in Norway, everything is normal to me, and I dont see the beauty or fascination in the little things anymore. Thats bad and I've gotta start looking harder. My blog is not gonna become a "how does my boyfriend see Norway", kind of day to day funny bits about "oooh today my boyfriend tried/tasted/did something Norwegian for the first time". So what is there to write about? I'm working and planning my wedding, the sun sometimes shines, sometimes it rains and its really cold. We have moved the furniture in our little apartement around today in the rectangle room where doing that is almost impossible, but now we found a way which works. Tomorrow is a holiday, much needed holiday, thank God we Norwegians are so Christian when it comes to all the religious holidays and gives workers days off.

Norway just celebrated it's National Day - which doesn't mark our independence, but the date we got our OWN constitution, which happened 17th of May 1814. But we were still under Sweden until June 1905. Then we kicked those Volvo producing IKEA-loving people east and south and they have stayed there ever since :-)

Our trademark: parade for all the schools and kindergartens, instead of a military parade. Flags, music, cheering, ice cream and hot dogs all day long!

I'm walking in the parade with my half-Ghanaian cute friend!

Cute Norwegian kids showing off their nice national costumes, dancing to traditional music.

Our penthouse apartement on top is decorated according to traditions, with two fake flags taped to the railing.