Sunday, September 21, 2008

women and other women

Something just happened to me that hasnt happened often, maybe never. I was walking along in my "church" dress, and a woman stopped me and said she really likes my style, it fits me and I look nice. Women I know have given me compliments before, but you have to admit its rare that women compliment other women on the street they dont know. Women are more... trying to look better than the others, or am I lying? I dont know if my point is coming out clearly here. Anyway. It was nice and new.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Intergrated science class, courtesy of Joy FM

So we learned something new today, thanks to the interesting guests on the Super Morning Show on Joy FM. There was a scientist on air, Mr. Joris Wattenberg, with a new theory. The theory on when the world would end. I got into it while he had been talking for a while but the bottom line is in 2012 the world will end, because the earth will stop rotating and it will turn upside down. He had a loooong equation to explain it, it had a bunch of numbers which nobody can remember. And he claimed that Einstein had got it all wrong. Which of Einstein's thoughts he didnt mention. Maybe all of them.

But then he had another theory. Which was supposed to explain why Europe is more advanced than Africa. And the simple reason is: heat.
Heat is a form of energy, and in Africa its very hot. So people get tired. And energy has a black colour (?). In Europe its cold. That means that white people radiates HEAT, meaning they radiate energy, meaning they have more energy to make their countries advanced. While black people are already so hot they cant radiate heat.

You are what you radiate, he concluded, before the radio host relieved could announce that it was time for the news.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The law is the law (no matter how senseless it is..)

Yesterday at work, we could witness an unfolding drama through the big panoramic windows of the shop. Before I was explained the situation I saw the following: a car, with its hood opened, 2 men in blue overalls with their head stuck under the hood, two men in white shirts, one old, one young, the old one screaming at someone on the phone, the young one looking a bit distressed, a policeman, and two uniformed parking control officers... and a bike and a yellow parking control car (and the car had that light on top of the car like ambulances and police cars have, do the parking control people often have to use that, in emergency illegal parking incidents maybe?).

It seemed the parking control people were a bit eager, since they had clamped the car that had obviously broken down, unfortunately right outside a building where it isnt allowed to park. So. If you park where there is a no parking sign, the result is a clamped car and a fine to pay to get your wheel free from its yellow prison. BUT. It was broken down, mechanics were there to fix it, and the driver had been nice enough to actually get his broken down car off the road, while very often cars which break down are the cause of traffic when the drivers leave it exactly there. And I dont blame them if trying to be nice to your fellow drivers means getting punished by uniformed, and therefore drunk with power, guys who cant connect the dots, but only see the fact that a car is standing where it is not allowed. They were fighting and shouting, but because of the glass separating us, we missed all the insults and arguments...

In the end, logic won (hurray!). The policeman crawled back into the parking control car, the parking control guys went to remove the clamp with bowed heads in defeat, and inside we clapped our hands. I hope it wasnt a bribe or paying the fine that made that happen though.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Yesterday I was at Kaneshie going to get a trotro to Tema. We had to cross a walkway over the main road which is really crowded, and somewhere in the crowd somebody decided to pinch me. Of course I couldnt see who it was of course. Actually, I have gotten used to such things, people reaching out, grabbing my hand or just touching a part of my body when I walk in really crowded places in Ghana. But this time it was a pinch! Anyway, I survived. But its weird. I wonder what a Ghanaian would think if he walked in Norway and some obroni reached out and pinched him... But I guess my body is public property.
Its funny that today I had a conversation with one of my co-workers, where he claimed that white people are racists and if they see a black person they rub the skin to see if its really the colour or dust (a chinese had done that...).

I brought up the pinching incident as a counter argument, while I told him that I'm quite sure not many Norwegians think black skin is black cos its dust on it.

quote of the day

Your love is like a whale in the ocean,
And I am your prey for consumption.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Black hole

It would really interrupt with my plans if the world gets sucked up by a black hole later today or tomorrow cos we are planning to travel to Busua for the weekend and get my legs brown... and I really want to go. Not get sucked up by black hole being the current plan. But plans do change though. Nice knowing you all, if CERN causes the end of the world.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Today we were awaken by Assembly Woman inserting ginger and other herbs into her 4year old's "behind", to the 4year old's great discomfort. She roared, screamed and begged for mercy. Her pleads were met by hard slaps on her naked butt. Which of course led to more screaming.

No A-plus, abokyire..(abroad) we dont dance. For those familiar with that song.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Expectations to life Ghana vs. Norway

Being a spoiled obroni, who have lived in comfort all her life, with always enough money to put more than necessary on the table, good education, good jobs (?) with all my rights taken care of, I guess I am bias saying that some of my co-workers have lower expectations to life than I have.

I asked one how her weekend was.
She said, enthusiastically: it was good!
I said: Oh, what did you do since it was so good?
She said: Nothing. I'm alive. So it was good.

I guess I'm spoiled.

a man of God also needs bed sheets

So the other day i met the bishop of...the methodist church? Anyway. Since I'm now professional hand towel bed sheets sales woman, I meet all kind of interesting people. And since my boss likes to show off her new addition to her shop to important regulars, she called me up the other day: Ama! Bra be kyea Bishop! (come and say hello to bishop).. Bishop?? I know lots of people are called bishop as a name around here, so I wasn't worried. Until a HUGE man stood in front of me, wearing a long white cape with a big cross around his neck. He looked like he came straight out of Da Vinci code/Angels and Demons sort of scenario. And he looked very important. And holy.

And I said yes please and no please and yes sir and no sir in my finest twi, thankful that I was among Ghanaians who might not connect my face turning tomato with me feeling super shy ...

Here she comes!

Can't wait to meet you again.