Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Oh, well. It starts tomorrow. But in the kindergarten Christmas has been on for a long long time already. Christmas music playing, singing carols (we have to practice for a long time so they all learn it in time for the annual Christmas concert), baking...making Christmas presents. Almost get tired of it. But Sunday Christmas started in OUR new apartement. I love it and I love the apartement.

Freezing skies behind our advent star in the window. We have had at least 2 weeks with below 15 minus degrees every single day. COLD.

We have inherited alot of stuff from my parents after they sold the house this spring. I got an old desk, kitchen table and chairs, bowls AND one particular thing I requested - The painting in the pic above. It comes from my grandmother's house, where my parents now live. The painting used to hang in the bedroom I always slept in when I visited my grandmother. When I got older, I decided that THIS painting was gonna hang in my "house". And now it does, and I'm so pleased. Old things make me happy...

It's been a month since I last blogged. Last year I had a blog advent calendar. I doubt it will happen this year.

I miss the days in Ghana when just taking a taxi could be worth blogging about.

One day, in Tema:
Taxi Driver: How old are you?
Me: 25.
Taxi driver: Nooo, you can't be only 25!!!
Me: Yes, I am. How old did you think I was?
Taxi driver: 50!!
Me (horrified): Whaat?? WHY?
Taxi Driver: You are SOOO fat! So very fat. But VERY beautiful.
Me: ..............

Those were the real blogging days! Fingers crossed for Ghana 2011! Unless we decide to get one of these:
My friend made this...