Thursday, November 13, 2008

On the road again

Ahhh.... I have to write something! I promised myself to keep up the English blog after I got back to Norway and I will. Not that the Norwegian version has been updated much more than this one since I got back.

I've barely sat still since I got back from Ghana last Wedenesday. I came to my sister's place, where I met my parents, spent 2 days there, and then I jumped on a train and went to Trondheim for 1,5 day to visit my good friend Vero. Then I jumped back on the train on Sunday to my sisters place. On Tuesday I went to visit my aunt and uncle who live outside of Oslo, though on a sorrowful mission as we were to attend my other aunt, my father's oldest sister's funeral the next day. I had the luxury of meeting all my cousins and more family that day, but it was really not a day any of us wanted to experience. But good to know there is a whole family out there I belong to that I barely ever see, thanks to long distances in our long country, and me being in Ghana half of the year all the time. Today I came flying back from Oslo, and now I'm back at my sister's place with my beautiful nephew and I'm looking forward to relax here a few days in the company of these two people, while the man in the house goes hunting for "everything" with some buddies in a forest somewhere.

After that, I hope I will walk around in Trondheim and co-incidentally bump in to a nice job somewhere. Somehow.

Pray for me'ohh....


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

We're praying for 'you'ohh'. Keep well and keep us posted on all the interesting things happening in your life, nordic-side.

Adaeze said...

haha yeah we dey pray for you o! That kind of thing is not easy. The timing and everything. Very annoying. I've lost so many jobs I actually was going to get, just because of timing. But You can do it!