Friday, April 3, 2009


So my fiancee is now not only sharing a name with the great Kofi Annan, but now also a rat. But not any ordinary rat, this rat can appearently sniff out land mines. Great litte rat that is.
Thanks to Kofi Annan, the name Kofi has become mainstream as the African name around the world. The legendary Norwegian soap opera "Hotel Cæsar" once had a character who was supposed to be Congolese. The script writers sat down and thought long and hard about what to call this man from AFRICA. And they named him after the two Africans they knew. The Congolese boyfriend of the drunkard mother of Svein, the hillbilly Casanova who actually is nice and fuzzy and friendly and with a big heart, was baptized Kofi Nelson. Inventive, dont you think?

Here he is, Kofi Nelson himself.


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U've been watching 'Hotell Cæsar' waaaay too much! ;p