Monday, July 13, 2009

The Swedish adventure

We got married. On the 4th of July. The way from our first meeting until this day has been long, rocky, tough, amazing, exciting, full of paperwork and bureaucracy, and I never really thought it would happen. But it did, and now its in the past. We are married. Gonna need some time getting used to my new identity as wife. I have been an aunt for 9 months, and still have trouble remembering to call myself Auntie Yngvild when speaking to my nephew.

After all weddings, there should be a honeymoon, no?
Thanks to my sister, we got to have a honeymoon, totally unplanned. We said “lets go” on Tuesday and Thursday we were on the road to the East. Towards Sweden’s Paris – Ôstersund!! We had our little nephew with us, and expected a slow journey with time to stop a lot along the short (3 hours) drive. And we did. Let me show our adventures in pictures rather than words. Enjoy.

Gaute is ready!

Off we go!

Huh? What's this? Traffic in the middle of nowhere in Sweden. People running from a town in Sweden to a town in Norway... Sports are for freaks.

We saw some wildlife on the way.

And a big waterfall.

Took posing touristy pics.
Our space saving bathroom - here toilet and sink.

But the sink is attached to a movable wall, and all of a sudden you have a shower! These Swedes..

We laughed at funny street names. This means Nonsense street in Norwegian.

We learned that shopping in Sweden ..... like being in SPACE.

We looked for someone's wedding dress! (This is not the one we chose!)

Gaute having his first MacDonalds Experience with mother happily watching.

A green house makes Eddy invisble...almost.

Super uncle carrying me on his stomach! What a man.

Snow!! On top of Åreskutan, big mountain...

Bye bye, Sweden and your cute red "stugor"!


Veronica said...

Ahh...Guro and I had a really nice time in one of those nice swedish "stugor"...NOT! Remember, Guro?

Sounds like you've had a great honeymoon :)

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Sweet post, give us more.