Saturday, January 15, 2011


Today Ghana, D.R. Congo, Afghanistan, Spain and Norway will come to my house. Right now Spain is sleeping on our couch and I don't exactly know whether to wake him or not. We have a lot of food to make! It's finally time for our housewarming party! Will be very nice to gather so many people from different places. We have done it before and it was a success! Hubby is out of town, writing yet another Norwegian exam that will qualify him to study in Norwegian universities. Stupid tests, he knows how to speak the language, it should be up to him to study or not. If he fails it's his problem, right?

But early this morning his best buddy Spain came with the train, and he is here keeping me company and helping me cook. When he wakes up that is. I am seriously sleep deprived myself cos Hubby had to get up at 5.30 and since then I was not really sleeping, just being nervous on his behalf.  I was told by Spain to take a siesta, and he was gonna relax on the couch. I went into my bed, laid there for 40 minutes, sleep never came so I got up and drank a RedBull and ate brownies... Now I'm watching the mountain of raw material waiting to be turned into delicious food, by me. Somebody give me strength!

Levanger is lovely these days, a lot of snow, not too cold, white and clear, and the daylight lasts longer and longer. I'm already satisfied with winter and would welcome spring tomorrow if possible. But it's not so let's focus on the bright side - the sun stays up longer every day.

As I see this is becoming a very informative, and not so exciting post, I'm gonna end it here, put on some music (that might "accidentally" wake Spain) and start cooking!

Have a lovely weekend y'all!

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kaliognorge said...

i like partys with people of different countrys!