Monday, July 28, 2008

I fell

I fell to the pressure of writing my blog in English. Though I didnt fall that hard. Responses to my ponderings on whether I should start writing in English, were both positive and negative. So I have decided (again) to start the (impossible?) task of keeping two blogs, one in Norwegian (and dialects) for my old aunties and for Guro who prefers the dialect one, and one in English, to be part of globalism.

I am excited and scared. Excited cos I have a brand new shiny blog with endless possibilities, and scared cos I have to write in English and I will make errors... :)

Anyway, I hope I will be able to keep it up - translating is boring but it sure will exercise my English, and living in Ghana and slowly but seriously changing my Norwegian High School English into Community 2, Tema English, this will probably be a good thing.


Øyfrid Sudenius said...

Du trenger vel ikke å skrive akkurat det samme på de to bloggan...

Translating is boring so write different things in them :-)

Guro said...

"one for my old aunties and Guro"... dust ;)