Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Salvador - the whole story

One of the first days after i came, i was in my in-laws house and listened to a heated debate between bf, his sisters and his mother. The topic was the newest hot tele-novela shown on NET2, Second Chance. Or its original name: El cuerpo del deseo – Body of Desire. Not sure of its exact origin though its Latin American in all its characteristics. I realized people were really passionate about it, and thought: “hey, this is my way in”. So I watched an episode and got most details about who is who from bf.

Don Pedro was a rich, piano virtuoso who lived in a nice house with his wonderful daughter, Angela, and his loyal servants. He marries opportunist Isabelle, who together with her…lover? Andre, plans to kill Don Pedro and inherit all his riches. Isabelle poisons Don Pedro and he dies. End of story you might think.
But here comes the twist, and some twist it is: Don Pedro’s body dies, but his soul jumps into the body of a hunk-a-chunk of burning love-villager named Salvador, who dies at the same moment! And the story is now getting interesting. Don Pedro is inside the body of this Greek god look-a-like, stuck in a village with a illiterate wife and son. He runs away from the village and seeks work as a driver in his own house and intrigues can begin. So Salvador/Don Pedro is in the house, Knowing Isabelle killed him, knowing Andre is her accomplice, Isabelle’s opportunistic aunt, Rebecca, moves in, (or did she already live there? Gotta get the details from bf), the butler Walter is suspicious of him and Rebecca is on his side, Salvador is mysteriously shot but recovers, all the women in the house are deeply infatuated by Salvador, including Isabelle, Rebecca and Isabelle’s niece, Valeria (the only pure soul in Isabelle’s family), Isabelle starts an affair with Salvador, not knowing its her late husband playing her, while Don Pedro is mostly interested in Valeria, who plays the piano and shares his passions of music.

Salvador plays games on the people in the house by sneaking around and playing the piano just the way Don Pedro used to do, and scares the hell out of the evil doers. Don Pedros dog knows Salvador is Don Pedro and also acts strange. Antonio, son of servant Abigail, brother of Simon and “boyfriend” of Angela, is almost losing his mind over this, until he realized Salvador is Don Pedro and is happy with that, but doesn’t tell anyone.

Meanwhile, the original Salvador’s wife from the village, Cantelisia (?) has come to the city with their son to look for Salvador, who they think has gone crazy. She is as previously mentioned, an illiterate and obviously from the 12th century considering how helpless and stupid they portray people from villages, she stays with the uncle of the village priest, who funnily enough, is an artist painting nude women… She finally finds Salvador and complicates the story, refusing to accept that Salvador does not want anything to do with them anymore, considering he is in fact Don Pedro and she stays in town being an annoying crying moron who thinks Salvador has lost his mind and waiting for him to recover so they can go home.

OK. I know this is pointless to use a whole blog entry for. But its funny. And it has become somewhat of a tradition at 9 o’clock in our house, after all the people who has come by cos they need something from bf or from my computer or his printer has gone home, we half watch Second Chance. Sometimes my eyes close during it, but that’s one of the good things about this series. You can skip 20 episodes and still get whats going on, OR only listen to the dialogue. I’ve heard its better anyway, this way you use your imagination to create the characters. Ehm.

Yes im full of bullshit, but I had to write something not negative cos I made that rule the last time.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

I don't particularly watch the series, but I see the effect it has on men and women alike, so, for me, your post was certainly not a waste of blog space.


quaye said...

I really enjoy the story. I also like isebilla to marry salvador because he is a nice man and he is her husband. he has to give her the second chance.