Monday, December 8, 2008

silly season (all year long)

Here in Norway we have biiiig problems.
There is a show on TV every day on NRK called "Redaksjon 1" that is supposed to discuss important news issues in depth, with all parties concerned present. Today the largest part of the show was devoted to discussing the fact that the coach for the national soccer/football team has decided to quit and WHO is gonna take over for him. So exciting.

Discussions with the police in Oslo, the minister of Justice, a member of Parliament and a representative of the restaurant/pub business about the escalating violence especially in the capital, often in connection with (over)consumption of alcohol, the lack of police and where the responsibility lies, got a good 10 minutes.

And I haven't heard a whisper about the elections in Ghana. Of course. But the African Cup of Nations I hear was very well covered.

I guess we dont want news about Africans who are able to hold a peaceful election. That would, like, totally ruin the image. Now some news about sloths (the animal in Ice Age..).


Adaeze said...

hahahaha :-D I FEEL YOU! Great point.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Your backhand is sharp and interesting, Yngvild. Why whitewash a wall that's been seen as dirty for all time?

Guro said...

well, i don't think ghanaians get news from Norway when we have elections either. Non of our countries are THAT interesting in the world for the moment.

Yngvild said...

fine guro, you are right somehow. But then I think a peaceful election in an African country is important news for Norwegians who only know about bloody elections in Kenya and the like. Not as important as a peaceful Norwegian election is for ghanaians..:)