Friday, December 12, 2008

A view from outside Ghana: Christmas

Last year I spent Christmas in Ghana. I was so homesick and was only thinking about how Christmas should be, in Norway, in Vadsø, in snow and darkness. And what I got was 40 degrees, palm trees and sunshine. And fufu for Christmas dinner.

But with a little help from my friends...


...Christmas became fun, and lovely and beautiful!

Now I'm sitting here in perfect Christmas world, watching the videos from last year's tropical Christmas. All in all, Christmas is about who is around you. And at this point I can't be satisfied whether I'm here or there. There is someone missing in Ghana and there is someone missing in Norway. I am glad I am home for Christmas. And next Christmas I hope to spend in Norway again, with a little piece of Ghana by my side.

Merry Christmas ...


Maya said...

Aw, sad but true, it's all abut who you get to share the special holiday with. I'll keep my fingers crossed that next year your special one will be with you.

(by the way you were sorely missed at today's bloggers meetup. Hope you find a need to come back to us soon...without of course compromising you spending Christmas in Norge with your sweetie!)

Yngvild said...

I do miss ghanablogging meetups, it was so fun to join up with people who blog! :D Ill be there one day..