Sunday, February 13, 2011

A room with a view

When people come to our apartement, they all comment on the view. Since we moved in, it has been the daaaark times up here in the North, when there is light, we are at work, so when we come home the view is an ocean of darkness, with the green and red neon lights of the supermarket shining like a beacon in the distance, and a lightening passing fast through every half hour or so - the train.We know the view is great, cos we can see all the lights of the city. But guess what, February just came. So did the SUN. The fact is, around here, the sun is up every day. We are not living as far North that the sun is under the horizon parts of the year. Just that.. When the weather was nice, the sun shone 2 hours a day before it got dark again. Then January came, which is supposed to be snowy and cold. But this year it came with RAIN RAIN RAIN instead. We were even hoping for spring come early this year. But no. Hello February, and hello freezing temperatures again. The weird thing is that nice weather in the winter usually means MINUS degrees. This weekend we had minus 10 and below. It resulted in this weather:

This is our view. From the coach, it was too cold to go out on the veranda. Evening, sunset, LIGHT. Cold.

Right now the sun is BEAMING and I'm sitting inside in front of the TV and the fireplace, trying to decide to do something sensible with my Sunday. We all know I suck at that. First I'm going to put down the laptop and give my hard working kindergarten fingers a manicure.
Then... Take more photos of the view?

Have a lovely SUNday everyone!