Friday, August 8, 2008

Bola car

Every Tuesday afternoon, the sound of a loud truck comes through the windows of my room in Com. 2. Then an even louder sound comes when the guy driving blows the horn and all the people around starts running and shouting "Bola Car, Bola Car"!! Bola is garbage in twi, and the much appreciated Bola car drives fast through the neighbourhood allowing people to throw all their accumulated rubbish into it, if they are fast enough. I'm just glad it comes at all, even though it would be nice if it came maybe twice a week. The size of our dustbin in our common kitchen (where we dont cook, we cook in our room...) is small and the mice that live in our roof (...) probably enjoys the bola... Anyway. Ghana IS improving when it comes to waste management. At least people on my street dont have to burn their rubbish outside the house everyday.

The picture is of people running after the bola car outside our house with their bola. I unfortunately was too slow to get a picture of the actual car, and I didnt feel like going outside taking a picture of the bola car like a weird obroni. After all it looks just like a Norwegian bola car...

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