Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stealing cars

I’m a bad grown up. Bf (from now on also referred to as Kofi) has put the immoral game, Grand Theft Auto 3 on my pc. For those who don’t know the purpose of this game, it is driving around, stealing peoples cars, running over people, killing or beating up people on contract from pimps called Luigi or Joe. It’s a bit bloody and gory though the graphics on my version is very bad. Anyway, I thought it was funny and have been playing it when I’m bored. On Friday, Kofi’s little cousin was with me, and watched me play. For every person from whom I stole a car, and every person I unscrupulously ran over, she went: “Oh! OooH! Sister Ama, Oh! Heey, blood!” im sure this game has an age limit
in Norway and im sure its not 9, which is the age of the small girl. Anyway, in a while she begged to have a go at it, and she soon became a vicious road maniac, stealing cars and running people over without remorse. I have created a monster! I made bf tell her in PROPER twi that it is WRONG to steal cars and run over people like that. Im sure she learned a lesson.

She was getting quite good at it….

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