Monday, August 4, 2008

Party with pomp and circumstance

I went to a party on Friday. Sister in law celebrated her belated birthday, party arranged and paid for by her boyfriend who returned from USA for holidays last week. There was LOUD music, there were lots of drinks in a barrel full of ice, there was a kebab guy, ice cream, fruits and loads and loads of plastic chairs in the small garden of my mother in law’s house. We live about 500metres away, and we could hear the music as soon as we started on our way to the party. Though a fun, irresponsible party for youngsters, the ceremonial part of it will never be left out in Ghana. There was a master of ceremony and a prayer was held, before the gang could get drunk and dance their dances that leave nothing to imagination, in the garden of a staunch catholic lady. She came home from church in the middle of the party, and sat inside the house wondering when she was gonna get to sleep. She was reassured that they were going to close “very soon”. I guess she was disappointed.
I came wearing jeans and a nice top and realized I’d totally missed the dress code, cos the beautiful girlfriends of sister nurse (she is studying to become a midwife) looked like the girls dancing in hiplife and 50cent music videos. In their supersexy extremely short outfits they were tempting the few boys around. And I felt like a 50 year old. If I was in Norway I wouldn’t think much about it, its normal to dress like that (if you can pull it of), but here knowing the puritan morals of the society, I cant help but thinking: how the hell were they allowed to leave the house dressed like that??
Anyway, it was the topic the next day between bf and friends – “its bad, the parents should talk to them bla bla bla” while I tried to tell them that the development is inevitable, it happens everywhere, Africa can’t hide from the powerful fashion trends of the world, and the older, more conservative generation will sooner or later have to let go, cos nobody will stop the Americanization of the world and we will one day all look the same. But they don’t believe me though.

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