Sunday, September 20, 2009


When we have a visit from our little princess, Alma Fafaly, she is the center of attention. Of course. But her attention is more often than not directed towards my husband, popularly called Eddy among friends. And Diddi by Alma. When she hears his voice or sees his picture, her voice gets all cheery and she utters: Diddi. Very cute.

Here she has spotted a picture of Diddi in the newspaper. It took only 5 months before he became a celebrity in this little town.


Eating delicious emotuo and nkateenkwan on a Sunday, as it should be! Daddy is watching.

After such a heavy meal its time for a little rest. Or not...


Laura said...

is that your appartement or guros? If it is yours, you have done an incredible job at spending all that wedding money.

Can I have my recipe now, pleeeze..


Yngvild said...

Oh yes, honey, it's our apartement! :) You like it? ill get the recipe from the chef right now... :)