Sunday, September 13, 2009

One woman, one vote

Tomorrow I'm voting for the first time.

Yes, you heard me right. At the age of 26 I am going to do my civic duty for the first time in my life. No, the voting age in Norway isnt 26. No, I'm not a total moron who dont care at all. I have perfectly good reasons, that can be connected with my African passport (last post).

2009 is the first in 8 years I haven't set my foot on the African continent. During all the elections that have passed, I have been in some African country that has
a) made my voting impossible or
b) made my voting too complicated to bother (shame on me).

My interest for politics is way too low. Considering the country I live in, the richest country in the world, considered the country with one of the best living standards bla bla bla, all is too good here to have a burning passion for who is the Prime minister.

But it does matter! This year its more important than ever to vote, because a terrible, ugly, stupid party might very well take over the Prime Minister's seat. I'm not gonna tell you anything about them, mostly cause I'm not informed enough to make a sensible argument. But to sum it up: They want to cut taxes so our welfare system is gonna crumble. They dont want foreigners in Norway and are afraid of "Islamization" of Norway. They wanna spend spend spend, WHILE cutting taxes... And alot of other things that is not good. But alot of people seem to think its good. They won the school elections, where high school students vote just to check the temperature amongst young people. Yuck. So tomorrow after work I'm marching in to the City Hall in Levanger to do my duty.

And hopefully this guy...

And not this woman...

becomes the next (or actually continues as) Prime minister of Norway.

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Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

I hope you guy wins, Yngvild. Imagine not voting for 8 years or so because you were always away. That's some story!