Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Childhood dreams

Hey guys, you are quiet these days. I dont have much to say either.
I'm crying my brave tears over my childhood home, which at this very moment can be viewed here.

My dear house is put out for sale. My parents are planning to move to my late grandmother's house, in the village where my mom grew up. A sensible thing to do of course, since they are only two people alone in a big house, and both daughters live far away and are not planning to move back home any time soon. But... all the memories of my childhood are from this house. I lived there from I was 6 till I moved out at 20. It's a quite significant amount of time. All the important things happened here, if you don't count the first steps, first words, first day without diaper etc.

Gosh I'm gonna miss it. Next time I go to my hometown, I don't have a home to go to. The only thing to hope for now, is that they get ALOT of money for it!! :-)

Since we are in the spirit of reminiscing, I'm posting a song today that will remind me of my early teenage years, when we were digging these hot guys! It's (drumroll!) the BACKSTREET BOYS, with Quit playing games with my heart.


Laura said...

I'm sorry, dear. I know how weird this feels. I still miss the first appartement me and my family lived in and we moved out 13 years ago...Remember when we planned my visit to Vadso and I would just get off the boat and scream "ESTKANTEN" at random people to get directions?
I guess, that won't be happening now...sad.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it must be hard for you. I can't imagine not being able to go back to my childhood home ever again. But it seems like its for a sensible cause so why not? I hope your parents get a lot of money back too!

Anonymous said...

Ok- so I just looked at the house right after I posted my anonymous comment- THAT HOUSE IS AWESOME! LOVE IT. Wow- I would be crying myself if that was my childhood home too!