Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Easter vacation is the best. It comes in the middle of Christmas and summer, at a time when you really need it. The holidays never end up falling only on weekends so you miss out on any of them, like what happens during Christmas when 25th and 26th is Saturday and Sunday, as it will be in 2010 :-(

But Easter, Easter never disappoints. It's always a Thursday on Holy Thursday, it's always Friday on Holy Friday. And in Norway we work till noon on the Wedenesday, and we also have the Monday after Easter off. It is the longest vacation we have actually. And I'm liking it more and more each year. Empty days, nice weather, in my case, no pressure to travel into the mountains and stay in a cabin with a hole for a toilet and a freezing bucket of water as a shower, to ski all day. Just bliss.

I got my vacation today. I worked Monday and Tuesday but almost all the staff got to use their overtime hours to take the days off because out of 57 kids only 13 came to the kindergarten. But now I am gonna enjoy my 6 blank days, and fill them with ... nothing. As little as possible. And maybe finish a book and watch a movie or 5. And celebrate Hubby's birthday on the 1st. And decide what to do with my life. And decide what to do with 5 days in a row holiday that we are blessed with in May thanks to Ascencion and our National Day. 
And..... sleep.


Myne Whitman said...

That's a lovely action picture. Happy Easter in advance.

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

Nice post! Ur right abt the consistency of easter! Have a gr8 one!

Maya Mame said...

Fantastic picture Yngvild! Glad Påsk, hope you enjoy your holiday!