Friday, April 16, 2010

Morning glory

It is Friday morning. The best day of the week. And I start work at 9.30! Yes, that means I close at 5pm, but it's not the worst working hours. We are quite spoilt here in Norway. Yesterday I went to the gym for a 90 minute spinning class - yay for me! Unfortunately I had plans with my lovely friend to go for the morning class today, at 6.45am... Yes, it's early, but oh Lord, how good it is afterwards. And the main reason for going, is that after the shower, the gym gives us breakfast, and when we both start late, we can sit and talk for a looong time while enjoying our healthy cereal and coffee.. A nice start of the day, and you go into the weekend feeling that you are allowed to eat GOOD stuff cos you have worked out. Blah blah blah. ANYWAY... This morning my legs were really tired. My phone went beep:

Friend: Oh shit..

Me: I know...
Friend: Are you up?
Me: My eyes are up..
Friend: I'm lying still.
Me (trying to fool myself and being her inspiration as usual): Rise and shine!!
I get up, go to the bathroom, and then.... beep.
Friend: I can't do it. Shit. It is snowing..

(Pic from last Sundays bike ride around the area: a flower! SPRING!! Or..?)

Thoughts inside my head: %&¤%&¤"%#!¤"#/&!#(/#)(/"!"%¤#¤!#"¤¤"!#"¤!#"¤%!#"%¤!#""!¤#"!%&!"
Why the H.... is it snowing now??

Me: Ok, sleep tight.

I slept till 7.30 and dragged myself up. It is now 8.30, I have eaten and I'm dressed but I need make-up, clean up a bit..., brush my teeth and be on my bike in 50 minutes. Doable? Yes I can. But, I have something really really dangerous on my lap. A lap TOP. I need to get rid of it.

So. You got a morning report from my life, enjoying the fact that I got this lovely morning all to myself, but right now I need more hours. Luckily the snow melted as fast as it landed, but something tells me that this wetness that has just landed, is gonna make the kids overly muddy, yet again. Oh, how fun sand and water and mud can be! I'm glad I'm not taking the clothes, and the kids with me home. 

Have a lovely Friday and weekend!!

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Myne Whitman said...

Have a lovely weekend too.