Thursday, June 17, 2010


I am far from an expert in photo editing. In fact I barely know anything about it. I'm dreaming of a big fancy camera, and using my Photoshop to create the most beautiful things. But I have a tiny compact camera, and I have NO idea how to use 99% of the tools in Photoshop. But I try to edit and sometimes I am happy with it.

I had a beautiful model last Sunday, a white background, a face full of expressions. And a crappy camera, and no skills in photography. I was disappointed to see my pictures, grey and grainy.

But a little editing here and there made them look a BIT brighter and nicer. Telling me that if I aquire more skills in editing (AND a big, fancy camera..), I can create nice things after all.


Anonymous said...

The pics came out great!

Nana said...

Looks pretty good to me!