Monday, June 21, 2010


Oh my Gooood, you guys don't know how badly we need the sun up here in the Central region of Norway. We have had a freezing winter, with long periods with temperatures below -25 degrees celcius. For days on end. Ice on the inside of the door and windows. Hair freezing on your head. Difficulty breathing. Humungous electricity bills. Downer number 1.

Spring finally came. The snow finally melted. And it started raining. It rained and rained and rained and it wasn't hot and it wasn't sunny and it was raining. I travelled to Oslo for a long weekend, hoping for sun. It rained in Oslo almost the whole time. Downer number 2.

The calendar passed June 1st. It IS summer when it is June. At least if you live South of the Polar Circle (which I do, but born North of it). Did anyone see the sun? Have you ever seen the rain? Yes. It rained, rained, rained. The stupid weather sites online kept telling me that "next week we will get summer temperatures", and each week that came and went, the summer stayed wisely away. The weather report said: Neeeext week. It rained. There was FLOOD in our region. The temperatures didn't even rise over 10 degrees. Everyday in the news: Summer has come to OSLO! Swimming in the SEA! Summer this, summer that, summer f.... it. Who cares? We are suffering. We are so weather sick. Living any other place than up North in Norway, Sweden or Finland, makes you unable to understand. We are about to throw ourselves in front of the next train that passes by, it's so depressing. All we want is a bit of SUN!! And not having to wear wool underwear in the end of June. Sun makes happy Norwegians.

I'm so sick of having to let the weather control my mood. But that is how it is to be Norwegian. Unfortunately.

Please SUN, can you visit us soon? And you are welcome to stay as long as you want.

The funniest thing is today is Midsummer, when the Sun turns, and it goes towards darker times and autumn. If the sun went and did a frigging parachute jump, we wouldn't have noticed. So sun, turn as much as you want, travel to Mars for all we care. We won't notice you are gone anyway. You were never here..


Casey said...

Aaaawwww, I'm so sorry. We have had more than enough sun over here on the east coast of the US- the temperature has been in the mid to high 90's for the past week. I started sweating as soon as I got out of my car this morning- it was a hot 85 degrees at 8am. I wish I could send some of this heat an sun your way to balance things out!

But my favorite line out of this whole post was "If the sun went and did a frigging parachute jump, we wouldn't have noticed." HILARIOUS!!!!! Hang tight, the sun will come your way before you know it!

Myne Whitman said...

Seems we're on the same page. The weather here has been uninspiring to.

Yngvild said...

Casey, I wish I could relieve you of some of the heat. If it is the Casey I think it is, when are you heading North?? :D Thanks for your sympathy though :)

Myne, where is your weather not inspiring you? sorry, hope it will get better for you too!!