Friday, July 9, 2010


This is what I get at MY job.

Just gotta love it.

The girl with the crown is me. I am a princess. I have big earrings and a scarf. And glasses of course.
I think my little cat is hiding in the right corner. But it might not be a cat. Never suggest what a 6 year old has drawn. You might end up seriously offending her. "It's not a CAT! Can't you see it's your boyfriend??" Ohhh, yeah, of course, now I see it.

Another portrait of me, still with a crown.

Two girls who are about to take a huge step into their future, by starting school, gave me these drawings the other day. *melt*

The text says: "In the kindergarten, you are the best."

But if I'm gonna pick on their writing skills, it really says: Selma from. In the kindergarten est you are the b. vildYng to.

But I'm not gonna pick on their writing skills. They are so smart and didnt have any help. They have just cracked the code of reading and writing.

I'm gonna miss these two creative, interesting, naughty, lovely girls!!

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