Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our fridge

In our kitchen is a nice, big fridge. When (if) we move out and buy our own place, I'm gonna miss all the things that come with rented apartements...
I wanted to show off our fridge because: 1) There are alot of meaningful things on it and 2) I don't have anything sensible to blog about.
So there it is. Our fridge.

The newest addition to the fridge.

The gym schedule. Not looking at it much these days...

Work schedule... One  more week before 3 weeks off!

A little inspiring piece of "art" made by moi, with pics from Kokrobite, of a friend and an old, drunk lady.

Yeah, I've got a new camera that can zoooom!

An artwork made by my nephew, sister and brother-in-law ♥

                            Valentine's card from Hubby when we were still separated by distance.

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