Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy days

My blogging has been very down lately. Too much other stuff on my mind, and work feels like it takes over everything and everyday. But I am enjoying it, dont get me wrong. It's just very busy.

Now over to the good news.

We are moving. For those who have read my blog for a while knows me and Hubby have lived in a TINY, crappy, cold apartement for way too long. We have been searching high and low for a perfect apartement for ages. One that is big enough, central enough for two car-less people, and cheap enough for two cheap people :-) And finally we found it. I hope. We wanted to buy but it was too expensive and risky, and when my mom said they rented the apartement I grew up in for 10 years, (and they were in their 30s), I dont feel so un-accomplished for still renting at the age of 27. I feel it's connected with being a student, renting, but who cares... At least it's something we can live with, financially. This apartement has 2 bedrooms, recently renovated, it has a fireplace (WARMTH), electrical appliances..even furniture could the landlord get us if we needed something. And it's close to work, and close to town. Now we live in the MIDDLE of town. I will miss not having the supermarket 20 metres away, miss not having the post office right there, the train station... But where we are gonna move is actually really central, for those in Levanger who lives far from town. I feel good. Can't wait to pack!

Other good news. I have known my husband for 5 long years. On Thursday it was the anniversary for the first time we met. I'm not one of those date-freaks that remember every little detail that has happened through our relationship. The only reason we remember the day we first met, was cos it was on an information day for exchange students at the University of Dar-Es-Salaam in Tanzania, and I wrote about that in my Norwegian blog back then. Anyway, this is what I came home to on Thursday:

My favorite magazine, and chocolate! He knows me well. I baked him a carrot cake in return... <3
Food = love. Appearently.

Tomorrow a good friend is coming to town, and my 4 best girls will be gathered tomorrow night with red wine and good food I guess! Looking forward to it.
Tonight I had another wonderful friend over for "kveldsmat". Supper maybe is the word in English. The menu was very Norwegian. Rolls, sausage, ham, cheese, jam.. and hot chocolate. Mmm. I love my friends. She has a little bundle of joy in her stomach and I'm so excited fot IT to come out :-)

Anything else positive to write about?

As I said in the last post, it has been a tough September and now I'm writing about all the good stuff to convince my brain I am actually a very lucky and blessed person and I should focus on the good and be happy about it! LML as the teenagers appearently say!

Another thing to be happy about
The world's cutest boy helping auntie bake!

Have a good weekend!

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