Friday, January 8, 2010

Brain freeze

Ok, for those of you who read news about Europe, you might have noticed the cold spell that has been affecting alot of countries. In the UK everything is standing still thanks to some few degrees below zero and some centimetres of snow. But I understand them. They are not used to it.
Just as I am not used to 25 degrees below zero. Cos that have been the temperatures the last week. The whole week we have been inside in the kindergarten, which results in wild kids, who are used to 2-3 hours of fresh air and physical activity every day. They are about 4 days behind on their activity level. Lucky me was the last person at work today, closing at 5. Cos of the extreme cold we have turned off the ventilation system there. Resulting in no oxygen which results in headache. And the wild kids with their paper planes, and energy levels on overload. I am so happy I'm in bed now, in front of my TV. Waiting for the temperature in the room to get over 20 degrees. +.
We live in a crappy apartement, very very badly insulated. That means that cold air streams into the room all the time, while the hot air that I am paying a fortune for coming out of the heaters, get wasted cos of the poor insulated house. The ventilation in the house is also crap, so air doesn't get out unless I open the windows. You cant do that in -25. That results in humidity in the room. The hot air lands on cold flates in the room, like the windows and roof. This results in (or used to result in) dew on the window and small drops of water forming in the roof. BAD cos that causes mould in the end. Anyway, thanks to the cold and the poorly insulated roof and windows, not the dew FREEZES on the windows and in the roof. I actually have small frozen droplets of ice in the roof in the bathroom. And my windows are frozen and I have to defrost them with a hair dryer every day. (If anyone wants to know, our landlord doesnt care, and blames it all on us).
How many times have I written "results" in this post?

I haven't had inspiration for starting to blog again. But I'm open for new suggestions for projects. :-)

I leave you with a picture (very bad one) of the ice on my window.
Have a lovely warm weekend!!


Myne Whitman said...

Wow, I have a friend in Norway who sent me a letter recently with this news and I tot of you. Wrap warmly. As for me glad I'm not in UK anymore.

Maya Mame said...

Wow, your landlord needs to be reported.

Trying to think of ideas for you, will email the (old) challenge soon.