Thursday, September 18, 2008

Intergrated science class, courtesy of Joy FM

So we learned something new today, thanks to the interesting guests on the Super Morning Show on Joy FM. There was a scientist on air, Mr. Joris Wattenberg, with a new theory. The theory on when the world would end. I got into it while he had been talking for a while but the bottom line is in 2012 the world will end, because the earth will stop rotating and it will turn upside down. He had a loooong equation to explain it, it had a bunch of numbers which nobody can remember. And he claimed that Einstein had got it all wrong. Which of Einstein's thoughts he didnt mention. Maybe all of them.

But then he had another theory. Which was supposed to explain why Europe is more advanced than Africa. And the simple reason is: heat.
Heat is a form of energy, and in Africa its very hot. So people get tired. And energy has a black colour (?). In Europe its cold. That means that white people radiates HEAT, meaning they radiate energy, meaning they have more energy to make their countries advanced. While black people are already so hot they cant radiate heat.

You are what you radiate, he concluded, before the radio host relieved could announce that it was time for the news.

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Vero said...

Knegg, knegg. Ja, får lev ferdig livet innen den tid æ da skjønne æ.

Yngvild said...

english blog = english comments... verooo :)

Akos said...

I wish it was true. It's getting colder and colder here in Norway, and it would be convenient if i radiated some heat in my appartment so i could save some electrisity money...

Anonymous said...

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