Wednesday, September 3, 2008

a man of God also needs bed sheets

So the other day i met the bishop of...the methodist church? Anyway. Since I'm now professional hand towel bed sheets sales woman, I meet all kind of interesting people. And since my boss likes to show off her new addition to her shop to important regulars, she called me up the other day: Ama! Bra be kyea Bishop! (come and say hello to bishop).. Bishop?? I know lots of people are called bishop as a name around here, so I wasn't worried. Until a HUGE man stood in front of me, wearing a long white cape with a big cross around his neck. He looked like he came straight out of Da Vinci code/Angels and Demons sort of scenario. And he looked very important. And holy.

And I said yes please and no please and yes sir and no sir in my finest twi, thankful that I was among Ghanaians who might not connect my face turning tomato with me feeling super shy ...

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