Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The law is the law (no matter how senseless it is..)

Yesterday at work, we could witness an unfolding drama through the big panoramic windows of the shop. Before I was explained the situation I saw the following: a car, with its hood opened, 2 men in blue overalls with their head stuck under the hood, two men in white shirts, one old, one young, the old one screaming at someone on the phone, the young one looking a bit distressed, a policeman, and two uniformed parking control officers... and a bike and a yellow parking control car (and the car had that light on top of the car like ambulances and police cars have, do the parking control people often have to use that, in emergency illegal parking incidents maybe?).

It seemed the parking control people were a bit eager, since they had clamped the car that had obviously broken down, unfortunately right outside a building where it isnt allowed to park. So. If you park where there is a no parking sign, the result is a clamped car and a fine to pay to get your wheel free from its yellow prison. BUT. It was broken down, mechanics were there to fix it, and the driver had been nice enough to actually get his broken down car off the road, while very often cars which break down are the cause of traffic when the drivers leave it exactly there. And I dont blame them if trying to be nice to your fellow drivers means getting punished by uniformed, and therefore drunk with power, guys who cant connect the dots, but only see the fact that a car is standing where it is not allowed. They were fighting and shouting, but because of the glass separating us, we missed all the insults and arguments...

In the end, logic won (hurray!). The policeman crawled back into the parking control car, the parking control guys went to remove the clamp with bowed heads in defeat, and inside we clapped our hands. I hope it wasnt a bribe or paying the fine that made that happen though.

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