Saturday, January 23, 2010


Though we didn't play Beyoncè's Crazy in love at our party yesterday, it turned out very successful after all. I had invited 4 girls who are not directly connected, some know eachother a bit, but that's all. Then hubby invited 4 friends of his, from his language class. And we all brought them together in our tiny flat. How will this go? Thinking Norwegians are a bit reserved and dont talk much to strangers, I had my thoughts before hand.

It went very well. 3 continents represented, 5 nationalities, 9 human beings in all, had a fun evening together, sharing thoughts, ideas, jokes, music - and learned some language. I learned how to tell an Afghan boy that his daddy is soon coming to pick him (at kindergarten), I got to practice my Spanish, and Norwegian was being practiced on a high level. Red wine was of course spilled on the carpet I thought about removing before the guests came, in case someone would spill red wine on it. But thanks to a magic stain remover I bought, carpet is good as new! Music was played, dancing was done in our kitchen. It was a very nice evening!

Of course, now I have a headache but I guess it is worth it.

The song on D I'm gonna share with you today, also a live performance, is called
agane by Odd Nordstoga.
A Norwegian artist with a wonderful voice and characteristic dialect. I just love him. In the clip he is performing together with one of Norway's most famous singers, Sissel Kyrkjebø. The song means "The Days".

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