Monday, October 13, 2008

Ama goes Ashanti

The last 4 days was spent in the Garden City, with my second family from the year I was a high school exchange student. Its been 7 years, and the day I left the first time, I never knew that I would come back to my home away from home in Kumasi so many times. This family really grabbed me and as far as possible made me a part of them, and they have always been a part of me. The way my life was living there made me come back to African Studies in university and my choices back then has affected everything that has happened to me since, they are really the reason why I am sitting in community 22 in Tema the 13th of October 2008. Though it wasnt easy to become fully accepted as Sister Ama in the Boamah family, the result of my hard work to adapt is this:
Anyway, that was just the intro. So I went to Kumasi to visit them, and also to attend our friend's wedding. The days before the wedding I spent quality time with my two youngest siblings who are now 7 years older than the small cuties I came to meet in 2001. I only have one older REAL sister and its weird to see how someone so close to you goes from being small children and going into young adults, while I felt I have been the same age all the time (from 18 to 25). Now they are able... to do everything themselves, go everywhere alone and they are going to High School and University. What happened?

Mabena and me studied correct banku making, and we ended up making a very soft banku our mother insulted, but since I had decided to prove that NOW I am fulfilled Ghanaian daughter who can make smashing groundnut soup and announced that Friday I would prepare supper, not maa as usual, it had to happen.

Then Saturday came and we went to the wedding which was supposed to start at 10am and we thought we had been invited to watch the whole shebang(?), that is, engagement ceremony and all that, but we sat in a garden for 3 hours until the wedding people came out and they started the party. And after getting our food we left cos Black Stars was playing against Lesotho and the boys had to watch it (my bf Kofi, and my little brother Kofi). All in all it was a good weekend and always good to have it confirmed that I still have a place in the family.
The happy couple with happy guest.

Little brother bored at wedding, cannot believe why Sister Ama and her boyfriend always have to bring him to boring stuff... (its not the first time).
Sister Ama is just about to find out that her nephew is born!! :-)
But that is another story....


Laura said...

The happy couple with the happy guest wearing a German dress that looks as if you bought it in Ghana... Congratulations, auntie Ama!

Yngvild said...

is it a compliment my dear? thanks ;)

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

You know, you seem like a very, very quiet person to me. But your writings about your life are so vibrant. Here, your description about your success at assimilation is very vivid. I enjoyed reading (although it was long). And everybody who knows me will tell you that THAT IS A COMPLIMENT!