Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My man

I came home from work first. I was hot and tired but not more than usual. I decided to get annoyed with my boyfriend cos I thought (from the sound of it when we spoke) that he would be late. So I didnt start any dinner right away, which I could have and then it would be finished by the time he got home. I sat in front of the computer, checked my mail and blogs and chatted with a friend. I finally got up to attempt something like dinner. As soon as I entered the kitchen, he came home with a smile and a kiss. Even though I had been grumpy on the phone when we spoke earlier. I really didnt feel like cooking though I knew we had to eat something and fast. He noticed that I had bought a frozen pizza on my way home (cos now I live in a house with an oven for the first time so I just had to try!). And he said: what would you honestly like to eat? So I decided to go with the truth and say: ....the pizza.... And that was it. We put it in the oven, I sat down in the doorway cos the kitchen is toooo hot, and talked his head off while HE was washing the dishes. I told him to leave it, I'll do it later but he didnt mind me. The pizza was finished and I started eating it (he didnt want it, thats why I'm the only one eating..). And out of curiosity I left my half eaten pizza to check the computer, and he just entered the room with the plate with my pizza and left... I dont deserve this. Do I?

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