Friday, October 17, 2008

Sometimes great things follow you.

Usually, as a white person in Ghana, you are used to being ripped off, paying obroni price and generally being "cheated" in the name of the "you people colonized us, sold us as slaves and still exploit us in trade so you deserve to pay more"-notion. And your guilt makes you accept it.

But sometimes, like yesterday, you are given Ghanaman price for your taxi, discount of 4 cedis in a shop and a free gift from a football shirt seller who hasn't forgotten about you and the customers you directed to HIS shop (and he used to give good discounts on his stuff). It makes you feel good that people see you for who you are, and not your skin colour and your ancestors crimes.

When I was in High School in Kumasi, my fellow students hassled me every day for 10 months:
"give me your food, buy me toffee".. They weren't my friends. Joana Asante was my friend. You know why?

She bought toffee for ME!

And that meant EVERYTHING.


The girl in the left said...

Oh my God! Look at us kids. We were sooo young. Sometimes it suddenly hits me what a massive thing we did back then. How could our parents let us go?!

Yngvild said...

if they had known, they would never have let us go. thank god they did though.