Saturday, February 20, 2010

Diallo, Diallo...

Ok, today I'm gonna cheat you. I'm gonna show you a clip from the Nobel Peace Prize concert last year. When Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, poor guy. Maybe not fun to win it when you, and half of the world don't think you deserved it at all. I don't really know where I stand on the subject. And I'm not gonna discuss it here. All I know is that it isn't HIS fault he won it, so don't beat him up over it.

Back to the CONCERT, which always is great, no matter who wins. This year I realized Wyclef Jean is so cool. He is cool, I know. But he is SO cool. Specially during the Nobel Peace Prize Concert. That's why I'm gonna share a clip from that concert, that on youtube has the name Nobel Peace Prize Concert 2009. Starts with an N, right? Watch and enjoy. And happy weekend!
And that PRINCESS is the princess of Norway'ooo...


What's up with the video though, why is it so huge? Anyone with blog knowledge can tell me how not to make it go into the right border...? Uuuh. What up with my english?