Thursday, February 18, 2010

then appears someone who wanna tear you down

Today, although I'm feeling good and happy, I'm gonna share with you my heartache song.
At least it was long, long time ago when my heart was broken. I listened to this song on repeat and pitied my poor self. Now it is embarrassing to picture the teenager in her bedroom, feeling like the world was about to end. But the song isn't for teenagers. It is still great. Sung by another Norwegian singing lady, Lene Marlin. The song starts great. "You think you've made it, everything is going fine." That's how it usually feels, right before something will go wrong. Wether it's your heart being broken, or ...let's say... its getting FREEZING outside again, after a few days with some less cold days.

Anyway, ENJOY Maybe I'll go.

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