Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Head over feet

What song do you guys want?
I'm still sick.
And I have pulled a wisdom tooth out.
And I am paying the price and I just complain and seek sympathy.
So better make this fast and painless.

I'll share with you one of my teenage years heroines. When I was in my teens, I was sooo into singing ladies. All kinds of singing ladies. And Alanis was one of my favorites.
Here is her Head over feet. Hearing her songs puts me right back to my blue room in my childhood home which is about to be sold, reading the lyrics and singing. Loud.


Maya Mame said...

Music is so powerful, can take you right back to where you were when you first heard it. Sorry you're having a bad week, it will definitely get better soon!

Laura said...

your parents are selling the house?

Myne Whitman said...

I love ALanis Morisette too, and yeah I do favor singing ladies, LOL.

Get well soon.