Friday, February 26, 2010

A night of a thousand torches

Wooops, and there goes another week!
I am sorry. Again I have sinned. But I think I have been boring you guys as well. I'm already thinking about a new plan if I ever get through the alphabet with these songs.

Today it is ONE year exactly since I got a letter in the mail saying that my now husband was given a residence and work permit in Norway. I was standing outside by the mailbox screaming and crying. I didn't even enter the house, I called my mom first. It was a crazy day. The day happen to fall on the day of a special night in Levanger called Torch Night. It is part of a 4 day long festival/fair in town. The Torch Night is special. Everyone in town is asked to turn off all electrical light, and people gather on the town square, everyone carrying torches, and then a march through town begins. Thousands of people walk through the city, and along the road sides there are small shows - music bands, drama, artwork, dance, all kinds of cultural small shows. In the dark, only lit by thousands of torches. Magical. I hope my hubby will be impressed, considering he is only joining me cos of heavy convincing from my side.

In the mean time, enjoy Ohene. It's a Ghanaian Gospel, by No Tribe. I love this gospel. Usually, Ghanaian gospel songs are very upbeat and jolly, but I fell in love with this one cos it is so somber and ... majestetic. When we started planning the music for our wedding, I knew I wanted this song played in the background during the communion. How I wish I could be there and hear this song live...

Happy weekend!


Myne Whitman said...

Olufunmi is a great song. Can't believe how dated it is becoming now.

There was also a torch night in Edinburgh and I enjoyed it a couple of times.

Yngvild said...

Hi Myne! Thanks for your comment! You managed to comment before I changed my mind about the song, and put another one there, that I just HAD to use... I wish there were two O's in the alphabet!