Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I have a problem finding titles for my posts


I wanna say to all you new (and old) followers of the blog - WELCOME!
And I am honoured that you have decided to follow me, and I appreciate it!

Today we have reached the letter P. 10 letters left, if I'm not making a gigantic alphabet blunder again. And if I'm not adding the 3 extra letters we have in the Norwegian alphabet.

Under P comes Pounding fufu. Unfortunately the picture of me pounding doesn't exist on my harddisk, but I did pound it though. Trying to impress Hubby with fufu on an early stage of our relationship. The pic is taken in Haatso, Accra, where I stayed for a 4 month period, working as a personal assistant for a Norwegian student doing research in Ghana. We shared accomodation with this strapping young man who is pounding, while I'm doing the so called "driving" (?), scared to death that my fingers will be one of the ingredients in the fufu.

For those with no Ghanaian reference reading this, fufu is ... boiled yam, cassava and/or plaintain, which is pounded together like on the picture, and it eventually turns into a ball, sticky, like dough...which is placed into a delicious soup and eaten. And enjoyed!

what is YOUR favorite soup?

Good things today (and these are good!):

1. Went to the 6.45 spinning class at the gym, all ALONE (usually i go with a friend).
2. Had lots of chocolate in front of me during a staff meeting, but I didnt touch it.
3. Finished my mom's Christmas present. I think.


Myne Whitman said...

My favorite soup with pounded yam is Egusi. Don't tell me you don't pound for hubby anymore? LOL

I usually do the powdered poundo you can make with hot water now.

Laura said...

grondnut cooked by my host sisters, no contest. Even though I was about to change my mind after trying your husbands light soup. I would need a direct comparison to make the final decision. Question: With all this working out and not touching chocolate...what do you look like now? Would I recognize you??

Maya Mame said...

Definitely groundnut soup with chicken, mmmm! Just learned how to make it myself two weeks ago and it was delicious!

Yngvild said...

@Myne - We use the powdered fufu now too :-)

@Laura - I wish I could tell you you wouldnt recognize me, but I look exactly the same. And I dont stay away from chocolate all the time, just during the week... But lets pretend Im much more healthy and fit - inside!

@Maya - Two weeks ago?? Wow, good for you. It's the best soup. No doubt.

Abena Serwaa said...

*LOL* Had an interesting experience 2 years where my mind switched off just for second while 'driving' fufu. *Bam* my cousin pounded my finger well well. Hurt like hell and a truly an unforgettable experience!

Anonymous said...

I don't eat fufu because of the fear that I will have to make it. I know it sounds terrible, but I'm too scared to 'drive it' and with the powdered stuff, I can never get it to the right consistency (too stringy?? or not fully cooked)