Monday, November 9, 2009

In my Father's house

This is the Nidaros Cathedral, or Nidaros Dome in Trondheim. The build of this magnificent church commenced in the 1030's, risen over the burial ground of a Norwegian king, Olav, who is now known as Saint Olav. His mission was to gather Norway to one kingdom (when we were still many independent kingdoms), and also make it a Christian nation. He tried to do this with threaths, killing and injuring, and stealing land from those who refused to abide to this new religion. The traditional Norse Mythology stood strong in Norway and he gained many enemies by his ways. In the end he was murdered in a battle in Stiklestad, about 10 km north of where I live right now!

It is said his hair and nails continued to grow after his death. People meant it to be a miracle, and his efforts to Christianize Norway paid off after his death. He is now known as Holy Olav or Saint Olav, the man who made Norway a Christian nation (although through bloodshed).

Todays history lesson along with a photo of Hubby and me outside this astonishing building. It always fills me with awe looking at it, and being inside it (if you get to be alone without tourists) makes you wonder how such a thing could be build that long ago. I love the place.

Good things are not so hard to find:
1. Sunshine, sunshine, frost.
2. Warm feet all day in my new shoes.
3. Tried out a new class at the gym and was suprised about my own (good) shape.


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful building! Love it.

Myne Whitman said...

I was awed by such old structures I saw in Scotland too. Nice pic.

Ellen said...

What class did you try out???