Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Ok, now I have spent about 30 minutes looking for a picture starting with I. And it was IIIIIImpossible, I tell you. I couldn't find anything remotely close to starting with an I. I was about to put a pic there with a Norwegian title starting with I, but I changed my mind.

So, my dear readers, you get to enjoy a bad quality picture of a person I don't know, but have met once, doing Ice skating right next to our apartement here in Levanger.

The girl is from Thailand, and was here last year, doing an exchange year in high school. I did that in Ghana when I was 18. I lived with a family in Kumasi and went to secondary school there. The most memorable year of my life, no doubt about that. Now a new batch of students are in Levanger, and I am a contact person for another girl from Thailand. I wonder if I will take her skating one day. I dont have any skates, so the answer to that will probably be NO.

When I was a little girl, my dream was to have ice skates. The white ones, that the ice dancers used. My two best friends both had skates and I didnt. I used to sit in my bedroom looking out the window at my two friends having fun and skating at the parking lot at my school. I wanted skates sooooo bad. If I played with them, and they were skating, I only got to act as their coach, since I didnt have skates. Boring. But that Christmas I got skates from my parents. I had a diary back then and it is full of my joyous thoughts about me getting skates.... Oh joy. But now I dont have them anymore, and I dont have the skills either.


1. Had a nice day at work with my nice colleagues.
2. Landlord got a plumber to fix my toilet (hope I wont have to pay the bill....)
3. Went to the gym with a friend and had light soup served for dinner by wonderful Hubby (who is shouting at the TV cos Man U is losing and the referee is an idiot. Really. He is.)


Adaeze said...

hey Yngvild. Just wanted to stop by and let you know I love your letter posts! Well done for staying active in blogging. I haven't had the time to comment, but I stop by regularily :-) Have I told you congratulations on your wedding? Or have I just never told you because I always thought I did?

Anonymous said...


Wo posts wei ye fun paaaaaaa!

My horrible attempt at twi, but basically what I typed is, your posts are a lot of fun! Keep it up!

Yngvild said...

Thanks Anon! Who ARE you? :) Your twi is good, ive been thinking you are a Ghanaian, until now? Am I wrong or right or ....just too curious? :)