Sunday, November 15, 2009

Super Saturday

Today my good friend invited me to join her on a trip into Trondheim, the biggest city near to where I live. It's also the city I studied African Studies for 3 years. I really love it there. But I dont know anymore if I want to live there. Anyway its nice to have it just a good hours drive from where I live now.

The point IS. That we got paid yesterday, and today we went Shopping! Yay. In Trondheim, they have many more shops and stuff than here. That actually means that it's harder to get anything done, cause you keep walking from shop to shop.
But someone are the lucky recievers of these for their birthdays and Christmas. And I have a lovely dress for my job's Christmas party.

Good things:

1. Went to Trondheim with a good friend.
2. Got to feel the big city feeling.
3. The weather was milder than it has been lately, and its warm in my bathroom again (long story, might tell you later, if only to vent my own frustration...)

Good Sunday to all!

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Myne Whitman said...

Have a nice week Yngvild