Saturday, November 21, 2009


It's weekend and weekends are used to relax, and not work right? So a cheap shot... Y is for Yngvild. Picture taken in a museum in my hometown, where my sister had her wedding ceremony and reception this summer. It's an old house where the richest family in Vadsø lived in the 19th century. Old furniture, old wallpaper, old paintings, and very cool atmosphere. I couldn't help myself and had to get some pictures taken. Unfortunately my clothes and glasses were too up to date to make it authentic, but I think I have the serious 19th century woman facial expression. Haha.

Have a lovely weekend you guys!

Help.. I have only 2 letters left!! Ideas on what my next row of posts should be about??

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Maya Mame said...

I'm confused, surely there's only one letter left in the English alphabet? For that I'm thinking zebra, zoo, Zanzibar, zero (maybe size zero where you may end up the way you're exercising, lol)or zulu. Any help?