Sunday, November 8, 2009

My best friend

Your best friend should be someone you spend a lot of time with right?

Someone you share everything with and do everything with?

I have a special friend and her name is

We met as exchange students in Ghana, spent 10 intense months in the same crazy country as confused teenagers. We attended a school so different from the schools we came from, we lived in families so different from those we had back home, we walked the streets of Kumasi, a city so far from our respective hometowns, hers in Germany, mine in Norway. We spent ALMOST every day of that year together. In school, in Baboo's Bazaar (for those who know Kumasi), after school, sharing a soda and sharing frustrations and funny stories. We experienced so many things together, and we had this, I would call it, life-changing experience together.

No one else can ever understand what we lived in Ghana. Nobody can replace the importance this girl represents in my life. Even though our intense year is 8 years behind us now, we are still friends. We have a loose pact to meet every year. She was here this year, as my maid of honor. So I guess I'm going to Germany in 2010!
If you still live there! Will May be ok for you, honey?

Ich hab' dich lieb.

Lower pic:
Laura to the left, in our school uniforms from Kumasi Secondary Techincal School. Me to the right.


Laura said...

I love you, too babe. May is fine if you want to come to Cracow because that's where I'll be living then. That is actually a great idea because you have been to Germany twice and it's about time you got to know the city where I am always happy :-) and which was so important for me.

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

how lovely to have a friend like Laura! The (ambitiously) yearly meet-ups also sounds like a great idea!