Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Countdown to Christmas

Ok, Maya, you guessed it. My project up to Christmas Eve (which is the day mostly celebrated in Norway, and the day all the children look forward to), is an advent calendar. I don't know if this is a Western or a European or Scandinavian tradition?
It's anyway a tradition which includes a calendar that has 24 days. Or numbers. Some parents make 24 little gifts for their kids that they wrap, and the kids get one gift each day up to Christmas. Some calendars are mass produced with a chocolate each day. On TV they have a special advent series for the kids, that also has 24 episodes. In the kindergarten where I work, we have a calendar of gingerbread cookies. One kid gets one each day up to Christmas.

So this is my big secret - I'm having a blogging calendar. It is gonna work like this:
Each day I have to put a picture with an amount of things on it referring to the date we have. Terrible English explanation, but you understand! So we start today with picture number 1, on the FIRST of December, it's a picture of ONE thing, And this is not just a picture, it's a QUIZ!

What is on the picture?! Anyone? :-)

(By the way, the pic is copyrighted to my friend, Mario!)


Myne Whitman said...

Is that a cherry?

Will there be prizes for guessing right.

Laura said...

It looks intriguing. Maybe it's some sort of jello dessert.
I also wonder, what kind of tradition this advent calender thing is. It is very big in Germany, my mum always makes some for me and my brothers and now her grandaughter. When we were children it was always in 24 little matchboxes. This year I made one for her.
Maybe your far traveled readers can tell me where they do or don't have calenders.

Yngvild said...

Myne: its not a cherry. ANd SURE, there will be a prize.. But I dont know what. ;-)

Laura: Sorry, no dessert. :)

Ingrid Sofie said...

For en god adventskalenderidé!