Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hey guys!

One more week. I really appreciate all your comments! I hope you are gonna come with great ideas for the next week...after Thursday. I can't believe it's almost Christmas. I have never gone home as late as the 21st December before... I've always been a student or doing nothing, so I have had a lot of time home before Christmas. But now I'm a working class hero and I'm lucky enough to get the whole Christmas week off! Thanks to my lovely work and lovlier boss.

The ideas for pictures are getting few. I carry my camera all the time but the problem is that when I go to work it's dark and when I go home from work it's dark, so I can't really snap anything on the way. I can't post pictures from work, that's not allowed. So. Today you get to enjooy the picture of 17 Norwegian Kroner. It's a 10 and 7 1s.

About what is left in my wallet after the Christmas presents shopping. :-)

17 Kroner on the 17th of December.

And for those interested, we didn't get -23 degrees today. Only -14,5...
Now I'm just waiting to feel like wanting to clean. Got it?

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