Thursday, December 24, 2009

It came upon a midnight clear

The day is finally here. The end of my advents calendar. It's Christmas Eve in our House, and the snow is falling heavily. It's actually perfect. I mean, snow on Christmas Eve? We usually have snow but the last years it hasn't been so much. But today it started pouring down. If you can say that about snow. We do our usual Norwegian Christmas stuff. My husband is watching all the racket in amazement. What's up with these people? What's all the fuzz.. It's just traditions that is burned into our Norwegian souls.

I feel guilty sometimes, we are the most unreligious people, yet we celebrate Christmas much harder than people who really celebrate what we are supposed to celebrate. But then again, before Christianity arrived in Norway, we had a big party at this time of year, celebrating the return of the sun. We live in the dark country, and up north we dont have sun above the horizon between November and January. The pic in the post below is taken almost at the days brightest hour. It could have been a bit brighter out, but thanks to all the clouds with all the lovely snow, it's daaaark. And lovely. All the Christmas lights really come to their right in this part of the world. Now we are about to have lunch, later I go to church with my dad and Hubby. I think that is the most important part of the Christmas Eve traditions in our house, even if it's usually just me and my dad. My mom is cooking usually. When we get home from church, we eat, and presents. We have SO many presents this year. Another thing that is not usual. We are 7 people at dinner this year. We have been 5 at the maximum, usually only 3 or 4. Therefore all the presents. We have a baby here too, and he will get most of the presents in the above pic. 

Presents or no presents, sun or snow - it's Christmas! Thank you all for following the blog calendar, it has been fun and challenging!

I wish you ALL a Merry Christmas and a fruitful new blogging yearP.S.:

P.S.: The quiz on the December 1st post, anyone? It was (drum roll) --------


All I want for Christmas is an idea for a new blog project

I almost forgot... 24 presents on the 24th of December!


Myne Whitman said...

Merry Christmas to you too, and so that was what it was? LOL. May 2010 come with lots of ideas, happiness and growth for you and your loved ones. All the best

Yngvild said...

Thanks Myne, the same to you!!!