Monday, December 7, 2009

Friends forever

On a special day now 5 months ago, this picture was taken. The girls in the photo are representing my gang of girlfriends from my hometown where I grew up. We were tight back then, in high school. We were a group of 7-8 girls and we called ourselves
"the gang". Cheezy? But so good to have someone you are so comfortable with. After high school we spread all over, and we dont talk on the phone every day or meet all the time. We meet when we go home for summer or Christmas. We have also started a tradition called "gang get together", which have been arranged on two different cities in Norway. Those who are able, travel there, and we meet and have a smashing weekend together.
This picture is taken on my wedding day. For my wedding, it was really important that I was able to get guests from all sides of my life, and I invited all the gang for the wedding. 5 of them made it, and I'm SO happy they came! I had friends there from uni and from my time in Ghana, but these friends are the oldest, the ones who come from where I come from, and who knows my whole background. And they looked SO hot all of them!

Here we are, the 7 of us. On the 7th of December.

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