Sunday, December 13, 2009

Everyone is an expert

When my parents visited me and my husband in Ghana two years ago, we took them round. Of course we visited my "hometown" Kumasi.
On the way back from the Garden City, we got a ride with hubby's sister's work car. We thought this was gonna make us get back to Accra faster than the dreaded Slow Transport Company (STC). We were wrong.

First of all, all the ladies had to do an hours shopping in Ejisu. They left the bus, were gone for an hour, and came back with half of Ejisu's plantain population. My parents watched in awe as they stuffed the bus beyond full with plantain and other tubers. There were no ways in or out of the bus anymore.

Not to our suprise, along the way the tyre exploded. Heavy load? Anyway.
The equipment used to fix tyres and such things hadn't been used forever and had rusted into the car - it was stuck. So what happens? Yes, the "Everyone is an expert" phenomenon hits all the guys. But that didnt help. What helped was a truck from Mali with two REAL men inside, that had equipment and skills, and heart. Bless them for stopping, my mom was about to boil away. It was noon.

So in the picture there should be 13 experts on the 13th of December. Can you spot them all?


Myne Whitman said...

I know I can see twelve but if you say thirteen...

You're really doing good with this.

Yngvild said...

Have you seen expert nr. 13 hanging out of the window of the bus? My mama! :)