Friday, December 18, 2009

The table is set

More on my creative side.
My sister got married this year, and as the artistic member of the family, I took the responsibility for the decorations. Mostly I took it, cos my sister is of the type that thinks everything works out in the end... But since I had gotten married only a month before her, I KNEW that for a wedding things don't just work out by themselves.

So I made the invitations and decorated the table, and almost burned down the house where we had the party cos I decorated some candles with something flammable... woops! I know the table looks very simple and maybe plain, but that's what the bride wanted.

18 places by the table, on the 18th of December.


Myne Whitman said...

Minimal and classy is the word. I like it. Well done.

Yngvild said...

Thanks, Myne! I just realized i put the wrong picture on here though. It was an unfinished table in the first pic, but now I have changed it when the table had gotten flowers and candles.. :)