Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Little Christmas Eve

I had such a good plan with today. I had this lovely picture of a bunch of my mother's little santa clause figures (She has ALOT). They were all neatly lined up in the coach and I took a nice photo. Later of course realizing they were only 21.

I have learned alot through my 2 latest blog projects.

1. I don't know the alphabet and 2. I can't count. 

Because I didn't have the motivation to line all the santas up again, AND considering the presence of my 1 year old nephew who wants everything he can't have and nothing of what he can have, there were no new santa pic. Instead I am making you jealous by showing a picture of the marzipan (?) candy my sister has made, coated with chocolate. Very yummy, I can tell you. But eating one means you have to jog for like 20 minutes or so... Christmas came at a bad time this year,  I was on the roll losing weight and eating well. And so comes the season to be jolly and gain weight. But not to worry, I haven't become a health freak and I will enjoy Christmas as I always have. And go for long walks in the SNOW. Love it. I love spending Christmas in the north. Such a shame it's so far away from everything. On Monday I left work at 1.30, walked to the trainstation. Took the train to the airport at 2, and arrived home at 1am..On Tuesday. And we were on schedule. 

Anyway, today is the night before the night here in Norway. We celebrate most tomorrow, with good food, church and presents. So tonight is decoration, preparation, and watching Christmassy things on TV. 

So today I have served you 23 candies on the 23rd of December.

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Laura said...

Hey, I just remebered us making Norwegian Christmas cookies in Ghana in my host parents kitchen because they had a proper stove... Wow, good times! I love Christmas!!